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Our coordinators consist of passionate, talented individuals that come together as a team to execute your vision the way you dreamed it to be

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Production of your special day begins soon after the engagement.  Every decision that is made starting with the guest list and venue, all the way to the wedding day send-off, is part of the wedding planning production.  Having the experience, education and know-how to orchestrate all the behind the scenes, logistical operations is no small fete.  Hiring a professional wedding planner will help keep you on track, offer budget savvy suggestions, incorporate a timeline and floor plan to allow a seamless flow of events, and be able to foresee and troubleshoot problems before and/or as they arise. 

We listen intently to ensure we understand your wedding day vision.  We bring forth resources and guidance so you can make informed sound decisions.  During the planning process we act as:  Producer, Director, Advisor, Counselor, Stylist, and Logistical Expert. 

There is a saying, “The Method to the Madness,” and we love being in the center of it and facing any challenges that may arise. We strive for a standard of excellent service that will touch all in attendance. This is what truly makes Blush Pink Weddings one of a kind. We are 100% invested in your wedding day and approach the tasks at hand with professionalism, honesty and integrity.