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This is why you should hire a wedding coordinator

About five months from their wedding date Missy & Tom hired me as their month-of coordinator. From the vendor contracts they provided, I was immediately able to develop a timeline and address all the questions they had. I offered advice based off my experience in the industry and even referred a few last-minute vendors that they hadn’t secured yet. We met for their final walk-through about 30 days from their wedding date and tied up the remaining loose ends. After our meeting, I contacted all of their vendors. I provided them with a copy of the timeline and verified their arrival times. Everything was set and ready to go. Missy and Tom had complete trust in me and were able to enjoy the morning as they got ready for their wedding. I arrived at the venue four hours before the ceremony and I immediately went to the reception hall to check on the set-up. The couple had a large head table and had to have linens special ordered for it. The linens were supposed to have been delivered and placed 2 hours prior to my arrival. When I noticed that the tables were still bare, I called the venue coordinator to check on the location of linens. I was prepared to start placing them myself, no big deal, I do that all the time anyway. As I waited for the return call, I went to the bridal suite to see how my bride was doing. She was getting her hair done, drinking champagne and laughing with her bridesmaids. While I was there I received a phone call from a distraught venue coordinator, telling me that someone had canceled the linen order and they were never dropped off. I politely excused myself and immediately started calling the rental company. With no answer from any of the numbers that I had, I began calling other rental companies to see if I could find similar linens. I was able to reach one company that I had worked with several times in the past and they had exactly what we needed in stock. Because of our relationship, she offered them free of charge due to the circumstances. After 40 minutes, I finally received a call back from the original rental company and it was determined that there was an error in the file on their end. However, the linens were on a delivery truck and were on the way. Within only a couple hours I was able to resolve the issue without my couple ever knowing what had occurred.


Thank you, 2017

Cheers to our couples of 2017!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

We have a New Year’s resolution...


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Blush Pink had an amazing year in 2017.
We went through a change of ownership and a 1,000 mile relocation.
Blush Pink was originally developed in early 2016, as a partial planning company under Haute Weddings, in San Antonio, Texas. Jen took over as manager of Blush Pink in the summer of 2016 and successfully booked over 18 weddings. In the summer of 2017, Jen was presented with an offer to purchase Blush Pink and gladly accepted the opportunity. In August, Jen and her family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia so she brought Blush Pink with her! With great expertise and enthusiasm we are ready for the adventure that 2018 will bring.